With temperatures continuing to drop we want to make sure that pets are well protected.

NBC4’s Elyse Chengery spoke with a local veterinarian on Tuesday to get some good pointers on how to keep your pets safe in the cold.

Dr. Michelle Gonzales with Rascal Animal Hospital says the most important tip is to not leave pets outside. If your pet is an outdoor pet, at least have a garage for them to go in. If they use an outdoor house or crate, make sure straw is inside of it which will help maintain heat.

Do not use towels for blankets as it will attract the cold. When you do take your pet outside to go to the bathroom, make sure to dry off their paws and use a washcloth to take off any salt because it can be irritating. Use pet booties or a pet coat if you can and make sure your pet is on a leash.

Dr. Gongales points out some people think to only worry when there’s a windchill, but points out that there’s no windchill inside of a freezer but things still freeze. Dr. Gonzales says to treat your animals like family. You don’t want to keep your child out in the cold make sure you don’t leave your pets outside.