COLUMBUS (WCMH) — This week the trial against former 10TV meteorologist Mike Davis will begin.

According to court documents filed last week, Davis plans to plead guilty to all four child pornography charges filed against him.​

Since the court filing, many have posted social media comments saying they are relieved he did not physically hurt a child. However, experts said viewing and possession of child pornography is not a victimless crime.​

Diane Lampkins with Nationwide Children’s Hospital knows all too well the horrific effect sexual abuse has on a child.​

Her staff helps thousands of children traumatized by sex crimes.​

“They are being lured and that there are predators out there intentionally doing that, so these child victims that are being exploited are repeatedly having images, not just in their communities, but now traded throughout the United States and throughout the country,” she said. “That is devastating. Child exploitation within this digital age that we are in, the internet, children are now suffering longer. It’s really long-lasting effects. It causes trauma very similar to like, PTSD. It impedes their sexual functioning, their normal sexual child development becomes confused.”

These victims could suffer the rest of their lives, but there is help.​

“They need to have a trauma-focused therapy that focuses on the type of trauma experience. General counseling,” said Lampkins.

​Each child’s recovery is different but Lampkins said there is hope.​

Anyone suffering from child sexual abuse is encouraged to tell someone and get help.​ Call 614-722-2832