COLUMBUS (WCMH) – Record-breaking temperatures show up in central Ohio on Tuesday, and with that comes the dangers of heat-related injuries to seniors.  

Lifecare Alliance CEO Chuck Ghering said the time is now to keep senior citizens safe from the heat.

“If you know you have an elderly neighbor, please check on them,” Ghering said. “Make sure they’re ok. Maybe take them out. Help them on their porch tonight and get them out the house.”

With the rising temperatures, those dangers increase for seniors who do not have air conditioning.​

“Cleveland had 10 heat-related deaths with seniors and medically challenged last year, whereas we, generally, for the last eight or nine years, have had zero heat-related deaths here,” Ghering said. “I can’t prove anything, but we are the only ones collecting fans.”

Last year, the Lifecare Alliance distributed more than 2,000 fans through their fan campaign, but seniors aren’t the only ones in need. ​

“Some other folks that are younger or may have COPD, so we want to get fans to them,” Ghering said. “It makes a huge difference. I do not think people understand in central Ohio now many people do not have AC or can afford to turn it on.”

Anyone who would like to donate a fan can do so by dropping them off at local fire stations or any Lifecare Alliance office.

For more on what you can do to help, visit Lifecare Alliance’s website.