WAVERYLY, Ohio (WCMH) — One of four people accused of killing eight members of the Rhoden family in 2016 was in court Monday for a pre-trial hearing.

George Wagner III said very few words, only answering questions from the judge, during the hearing.

When asked by the judge if he was satisfied with his lawyers and the representation they have been providing him, he responded with a simple, “Yes, your honor.” At the end of the hearing, when asked if he had any questions for the court, Wagner III replied, “No, your honor.”

The pre-trial hearing centered on the issue of discovery, with the defense calling for the appointment of a discovery coordinator. The coordinator would compare the evidence the state has against what the defense has, and vice versa, and make sure each side is properly prepared for the trial.

According to the defense, the coordinator would also compare what discovery evidence the other three defendants in the case have and make sure all sides have the same evidence.

The judge set a Jan. 31, 2020, deadline for the defense to present a motion to the court about the appointment of a discovery coordinator, with a Feb. 11, 2020, pre-trial date set for the judge to rule on the motion.

Wagner III’s mother, Fredericka Wagner, was in the courtroom during the hearing. Fredericka Wagner has been indicted for making false statements to the grand jury in the case.