POWELL, Ohio (WCMH) — An electrical engineer on the autism spectrum who received dozens of interviews but never got a letter saying “congratulations” found his fortunes improved after an NBC4 article.

George Basore, 28, has two engineering degrees and passed his fundamentals of engineering license as a pandemic project. But years of study, working with a job coach, applying for a hundred jobs, and a score of interviews never got him to that final “yes.”

Basore’s mom Chris wrote to NBC4’s Cynthia Rosi during autism awareness month. Mother and son told George’s story.

On Friday, George Basore saw his hard work, his studying, and his determination pay off.

“Last Friday, I was offered and I accepted a job offer with Hawa engineers,” Basore said in an email. “I start on May 2nd as an electrical engineer. Thank you for all your help. Because of the story, I received many requests for my resume,” he said.

Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities offers job coaching, interview preparation, and job placement services for people with disabilities, both visible and invisible. Last year they helped 5,600 people with disabilities to find employment.

OOD not only helps people find jobs, they help them to keep that job once they get it, a spokesperson said.