COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — The latest poll in Ohio elections, conducted by Suffolk University and USA Today, showed the candidates for U.S. Senate statistically neck-and-neck with three weeks until Election Day and a number of ballots already cast through early voting.

Pollsters conducted polling from Oct. 11-15, and the results were released Monday.

Vance, Ryan are still neck-and-neck

In the race for U.S. Senate, Republican J.D. Vance and Democrat U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan are in a statistical dead heat, a common thread in recent independent polls.

Of the Ohioans polled, 47.4% said they would cast a ballot for Vance, and 45.4% said they would vote for Ryan. That is within the poll's 4.4% margin of error. A previous Suffolk poll in September had Ryan at 46.6% of the vote and Vance at 45.6%, which was also within the margin of error.

In an NBC4, The Hill and Emerson College poll released last Thursday, Vance also held a slight edge over Ryan -- which was still within the poll's 3% margin of error.

A little more than 6% of respondents in the Suffolk poll said they were undecided on their preferred candidate for the Senate.

PollsterFiveThirtyEight ScoreDate ConductedVance (R)Ryan (D)Net ResultWithin margin of error?
Suffolk UniversityB+Oct. 11-1547%45%Vance +2Yes (+/- 4.4%)
Emerson CollegeA-Oct. 6-746%45%Vance +1Yes (+/- 3%)
CygnalB+Oct. 6-846%44%Vance +2
Siena CollegeA Sept. 18-2243%46%Ryan +3Yes (+/- 4.4%)
Baldwin Wallace University B/C Sept. 12-1545%48%Ryan +3Yes (+/- 4.1%)
Marist CollegeASept. 12-1346%45%Vance +1Yes (+/- 3.6%)
Emerson CollegeA-Sept. 12-1344%40%Vance +4No (+/- 3.2%)
CiviqsB-Sept. 10-1348%45%Vance +3Yes (+/- 4%)
Suffolk UniversityB+Sept. 5-746%47%Ryan +1Yes (+/- 4.4%)
Echelon InsightsB/C Aug. 31-Sept. 739%45%Ryan +6 No (+/- 4.3%)
Emerson CollegeA-Aug. 15-1645%42%Vance +3Yes (+/- 3.2)
Suffolk UniversityB+May 22-2442%39%Vance +2 Yes (+/- 4.4%)
A rundown of recent polls, via polling aggregator FiveThirtyEight.

DeWine still ahead in governor's race

Incumbent Republican Gov. Mike DeWine led challenger Democrat Nan Whaley, the former mayor of Dayton, by double digits in the latest poll. DeWine has been the frontrunner in the bulk of independent polls in recent weeks.

Of those polled, 55.8% planned to vote for DeWine and 38.4% for Whaley -- with a little more than 4.5% of respondents undecided in the gubernatorial race.

PollsterFiveThirtyEight ScoreDate ConductedDeWine (R)Whaley (D)Net ResultWithin margin of error?
Suffolk UniversityB+Oct. 11-1556%38%DeWine +17%No (+/- 4.4%)
Emerson CollegeA-Oct. 6-750%36%DeWine +14No (+/- 3%)
CygnalB+Oct. 6-857%35%DeWine +22
Siena CollegeASept. 18-2255%32%DeWine +23No (+/- 4.4%)
Baldwin Wallace UniversityB/CSept. 12-1549%33%DeWine +16 No (+/- 4.1%)
Marist CollegeASept. 12-1350%33%DeWine +18No (+/- 3.6%)
Emerson CollegeA-Sept. 12-1349%33%DeWine +17No (+/- 3.2%)
CiviqsB-Sept. 10-1344%41%DeWine +3 Yes (+/- 4%)
Suffolk UniversityB+ Sept. 5-754%39%DeWine +15 No (+/- 4.4%)
Echelon InsightsB/CAug. 31-Sept. 754%35%DeWine +19No (+/- 4.3%)
Emerson CollegeA-Aug. 15-1649%33%DeWine +16 No (+/- 3.2)
Suffolk UniversityB+May 22-2445%30% DeWine +16 No (+/- 4.4%)

Pollsters also asked respondents about their general feelings about a number of notable people in federal and state politics.

DeWine led the pack -- more than half of the Ohioans polled said they viewed him favorably. About one-in-five said they had not heard of Whaley.