NOTE: This story is for the incident that happened on March 3. Check here for latest information on the March 15 incident at Polaris Fashion Place.

COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Police in Columbus are investigating a report of shots fired at Polaris Fashion Place.

It happened around 12:30 p.m. inside the mall on Polaris Parkway in Delaware County. Police say two Columbus police officers working special duty assignments heard the shots. They immediately got on the radio and called for help.

Police said surveillance footage shows one man firing multiple gunshots at another man inside the Carter’s store in the mall. The second man then leaves the store and fires multiple shots at the first man, who is walking away.

According to Columbus Division of Police spokesperson Sgt. James Fuqua, as of 3:30 p.m., the mall has been cleared and it is believed two suspects have left the area.

The mall will remain closed for the remainder of the day Wednesday and is scheduled to reopen for regular business hours Thursday.

Police said nobody was injured in the shooting, which Fuqua said was the result of a domestic dispute.

Columbus Police have identified two suspects wanted in connection with the incident, but Fuqua said their information will not be released to the public at this time.

“We can now say that we have identified both suspects that are involved in this,” he said. “We know that there are many people in this community who know who both of these individuals are and we know all of this started as a domestic dispute between known parties.”

Fuqua said a gun was found in the parking lot.

Fuqua then “strongly encouraged” the two men to turn themselves in.

“We have all the information that we need to determine who you are and we’re going to give you the opportunity to turn yourself in publicly or privately before we publicly put out who you are,” Fuqua said. “We would like to have this resolved as quickly as possible.”

Columbus Police were assisted by the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office in searching and securing the mall.

Fuqua said two different weapons appear to have been used during the incident. Shell casings were recovered from the scene.

Fuqua said the mall is no longer an active scene.

“There were shots fired, and there were multiple shots fired,” said Fuqua. “This is something that is extremely concerning.”

Sgt. Fuqua said at least two people were involved in the incident. Investigators are searching for those suspects, but were only able to provide a vague description.

Anyone with information is asked to call Columbus police at 614-645-4545.

According to the property owner’s website, Polaris Fashion Place employs around 8,000 people and contains around 1.4 million square feet of space.

A statement from Washington Prim Group, owner of the mall, issued a statement Wednesday evening, saying the mall will reopen Thursday.

The full statement is below:

“At Polaris Fashion Place® the safety of our guests, retailers and employees is our top priority. According to local law enforcement officials, there have been no reported injuries as a result of the isolated incident that occurred earlier today. Our team immediately implemented safety protocols and we continue to cooperate with all police procedures. We would like to thank the Columbus Police Department, Delaware County Sheriff’s Office, the Genoa Township Police Department, the Ohio State Highway Patrol and the Worthington Police Department for their quick response ensuring everyone’s safety.  Polaris Fashion Place will re-open for normal hours of operation on Thursday, March 4. For more information, please contact the Columbus Police Department directly at (614) 645-4545.”

Spokesperson, Washington Prime Group, owner of Polaris Fashion Place

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