COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Several women in East Columbus are trying to warn others after they said a man has been breaking into homes and looking into windows all while touching himself inappropriately.

Police are investigating at least 2 cases.

“When I raised up, he was standing over me at the foot of the bed with his hands in my pants,” victim Rosie Dingess said.

Dingess said she woke up after feeling someone move her bed.

“I hollered and I screamed. I asked him, ‘Who are you’ and I chased him up the stairs,” Dingess said.

After chasing him out and calling the police, she said she checked her phone and noticed an inappropriate picture and video of the man that he took of himself.

“That’s not a gift, that is not a compliment and then it makes me wonder while I was sleeping if he got his own footage and pictures of me in my nightgown,” Dingess said.

The video was taken inside her home after she said he broke in through the back door 40 minutes before she even woke up.

“In order for him to get my phone, he had to get it off the charger, so he was that close to me,” Dingess said.

Another woman nearby believes it is the same man who was caught on her surveillance video later that night peeking into her window.

“He was bent over, he was watching me, his hands were on his private parts, his pants were down and he was touching himself,” victim Jewel Simpson said.

She said she put cameras around her house after finding a chair outside her bedroom window.

“They came out and installed my camera on Friday and he came back on Saturday,” Simpson said.

Since she has three daughters, she is now worried for their safety as well as her own.

“I believe he is very bold and he doesn’t care,” Simpson said.

Both victims said they want others to be on alert, especially women.

“Evidently, he’s a thrill seeker and that thrill will escalate,” Dingess said.

Columbus police said the sexual assault unit is investigating both cases.

No word yet if both incidents were carried out by the same suspect.