WAVERLY, Ohio (WCMH) — The daughter of a missing Waverly man said people close to her father told her that he’d been cut up in a chipper and fed to hogs.

Raymont Willis, 42, disappeared from his home on Johnson Hill Road on July 4, 2020. His disappearance is connected to Koby Roush — who disappeared the following day and was also said to have been fed to pigs — through a man who overdosed two weeks later, Luke Farmer.

Brittney Hewell said her father, Raymont, was always focused on his children and grandchildren.

“He was fun. It was always about us,” she said. “When we did get a chance to be with him, it was always a fun time.”

Brittney Hewell, left, and her father Raymont Willis at her wedding. (Courtesy Photo/Brittney Hewell)

Connection to Luke Farmer

NBC4 obtained a report by the Ross County Sheriff’s Office that showed that Farmer was wanted for questioning on July 20, 2020, in the disappearance and possible murder of two people in Pike County.

One person named in that document was Roush, the other was referred to as “Willis.” Neither Willis’ nor Roush’s body has ever been found.

Farmer died of a drug overdose 11 hours after deputies searched for him at the request of Pike County Sheriff’s Office.

‘Cut up in a chipper’

Hewell said she has been told happened to her father was similar to stories of what happened to Roush.

“About my father, yes,” she said. “He was fed to the hogs, cut up in a chipper and fed to the hogs. I was told he was in a barrel as well.”

She said she went to the area to search for him but was afraid for her safety.

“Someone actually whispered to me while I was sitting in a car, ‘I know where your dad is,'” she said. “The person that [they] said done it was standing right in front of me.”

But another person told them to stop speaking on threat of force, Hewell said.

Willis: Sheriff raided my house

Hewell said she got an out-of-character call from her father between 4 and 5 a.m. on July 4, 2020. Willis told her: “The sheriff’s raided my house, but I’ll be OK.” That was the last she heard from her father.

Pike County Sheriff’s Office records show that on July 1 and into July 2, 2020, deputies and officers from several other agencies served a search warrant at the home Willis shared with his partner.

Agents reported they cleared a tent at the back of the property and a crawlspace. They ran the plates of the vehicle. A trained canine indicated substances in a back bedroom and the kitchen.

Logged in the report were a shotgun found in the master bedroom, a sock full of change, 20 DVRs, a white 2001 Chevrolet Tahoe, a plastic bag with a small amount of marijuana, and another small plastic bag of marijuana on the nightstand, as well as about $1,500.

The report said it is closed, cleared on Oct. 30, 2020.

(Courtesy Photo/Brittney Hewell)

Volunteers search for Willis

Kelsie Houpe has been trying to find Willis as a volunteer since about two weeks after he was reported missing. She said she saw tattoos identifying KKK and Aryan Nation on the people she talked to.

She said going to Waverly took courage because it’s a former “sundown town.”

“Yes, it did,” said Houpe, who is African American. “It was very scary. It was terrifying. But I felt like, it’s now or never.”

Houpe made a list of places Willis lived and frequented, including the last place he was seen on Watson Road. It’s there that Willis was reported to have run into the woods.

“When I went there, there was actually a giant jump to even to get into the woods,” she said. “The guy that went with us is almost 7 feet tall and very slender. And he had trouble climbing up there. There’s no way that Raymont just jumped up there.”

Bring Raymont home

Hewell said it’s difficult not knowing what happened to her dad.

“I just want closure. I can’t be satisfied about the situation. … It’s different having an obituary than a missing paper. All I have is a missing paper of him, ” she said. “It’s hard to keep going on with life knowing that he’s somewhere out there…and no one’s trying to bother to find him or anything.

“It would mean so much to me, and his other children, and everybody else that wants him home.”

If you have any information about the disappearance of Raymont Willis or Koby Roush, call BCI at 855-BCI-OHIO (855-224-6446) or submit a missing persons tip through the BCI website.

Raymont Willis II. (Courtesy Photo/Brittney Hewell)