COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Two weeks after the principal of Pickerington High School North resigned following an investigation over a student sex offender, a lawsuit casts blame on the offender’s parents.

Principal Mark Ulbrich stepped down in March after investigators determined that he didn’t properly implement a safety plan to allow the offender back at school.

The lawsuit filed Tuesday names the sex offender’s parents.

Their son, now 15 years old, is currently on probation for raping an eight-year-old girl in June, and a five-year-old boy in August. The lawsuit was filed by the five-year-old’s parents.

It accuses the teen of assault and battery on their child, and his parents of being negligent for allowing that to happen. The complaint says the parents were aware of what their son had done two months prior, but allowed him to be around other young children anyway.

Sean Alto, the attorney for the plaintiffs, sent NBC4 Investigates the following statement:

“While the juvenile sex offender has been sentenced for his crimes, his parents… have not been held accountable for their inexcusable failure to protect innocent children from their son’s ongoing criminal behavior. The parents were well aware of their son’s previous actions and the risks he presented to other children when not closely monitored. Nonetheless, they gave him all of the access and freedom he needed to re-offend. Adult accountability, in this case, is just and necessary.”

Within two weeks of the teen’s return to Pickerington High School North in January, he allegedly propositioned a third elementary-aged child on the school bus. That case is still pending.