PICKERINGTON, Ohio (WCMH) — A new report revealed that the former Pickerington High School North principal — who resigned Monday for his role in allowing a juvenile sex offender to return to school — failed to consult his supervisor and victims’ families prior to permitting the student to come back.

According to a 48-page report compiled by an outside investigator, former principal Mark Ulbrich allowed the 15-year-old, who raped two children under the age of nine, to return to Pickerington North without first notifying the school district’s supervisor and family members of the student’s victims.

The student is facing additional charges for allegedly propositioning a third child on a school bus after he was allowed to return to school in January.

Ulbrich admitted, according to the report, to failing to notify victims’ families about the student’s return from house arrest — and did not consult his supervisor about the plan to allow the student to return.

Although sections of the report are redacted, as children and sexual misconduct are involved, the report suggested that there were multiple lapses in communication before and after the student returned to school in January, including the safety plan not being finalized until after the return.

Ulbrich denied allegations made in the original complaint against him that he allowed the student to return because of a friendship with the child’s father, a principal at another school.

He said he allowed the student to return to school because he was entitled to an education and had not harmed any students at Pickerington North.

Ulbrich, who was placed on leave in January, announced his resignation as principal Monday.

A parent of one of the victims, who filed the original complaint against Ulbrich, said it is “quite clear” that the former principal was negligent in the handling of the case.

“I feel absolutely justified in calling for his removal,” the parent said.

Ulbrich did not respond to requests for comment by the time of publication.

The redacted report can be read below: