PICKERINGTON, Ohio (WCMH) — The Pickerington High School North principal who was the subject of an investigation by the district has resigned.

Mark Ulbrich

The Pickerington School Board accepted the resignation of principal Mark Ulbrich, effective immediately, Monday.

The investigation into Ulbrich began after he allegedly allowed a 15-year-old student onto school grounds after the teen had been accused of sexually abusing two much younger children in 2021. The teen in question was found delinquent by a Fairfield County judge last week, where he was sentenced to five years probation and a correctional program.

The teen faces additional charges for allegedly propositioning a third child on a school bus after he was allowed to return to school in January.

During the teen’s hearing earlier this month, one of the victim’s parents said Ulbrich allowed the teen to return to the school because he was friends with the teen’s family, one of whom is an employee at another school.

Mike Hudak will serve as interim principal for the school as the board looks for Ulbrich’s replacement, the board stated.

The full statement from the school board announcing the resignation is below.

At tonight’s regular meeting of the Pickerington Local School District Board of Education (the “Board”), Mr. Mark Ulbrich tendered his resignation as the principal of Pickerington High School North, effective immediately. The Board accepted his resignation.

We are aware that the past 2-3 months were challenging for many students and parents during the pendency of Mr. Ulbrich’s leave of absence and its associated investigation. We wish to stress that during this process, District officials had to be mindful of myriad legal issues, and subsequently could not be forthcoming about specific details. We are aware that this may have added to the challenges that students and parents experienced, and while we sincerely regret that this occurred, we could not proceed in any other manner without the increased risk of liability to the District. We appreciate your patience during what was undoubtedly a stressful time.

We will provide additional information about the process to replace Mr. Ulbrich in the coming days and weeks. 

We are also informing you that during the interim period of time until we name Mr. Ulbrich’s successor, Mike Hudak will be named as the Interim Principal of North High School. We have the fullest faith and confidence that Mr. Hudak will perform the duties of Interim Principal successfully, and District Administration and the Board will provide the support to make this transition a smooth one. 

In closing, we still have a lot of work to do as we enter the final quarter of the 2021-2022 school year. We appreciate what our students have endured, and we cannot thank our parents enough for all that they have done to provide support and guidance to our students during this time. And our students deserve nothing less than our best efforts as we continue to move forward. While we recognize that we all have had challenges to overcome, we remain confident that by working together, we will make the rest of this year rewarding.

Thank you again for all that you do.