Above: Video from an earlier report about the investigation into Michael McDaniel’s death.

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Records show three of the Ohio prison guards involved in the February death of inmate Michael McDaniel were previously disciplined for excessive use of force or not intervening when inmates were in danger or staff used unjustified force.

The disciplinary documents, obtained by The Associated Press, show a number of past incidents where Lt. Bruce Brown and officers Adam Causey and Jerry Perkins were reprimanded for actions similar to those made in connection with McDaniel’s in-custody death.

In a statement, the Ohio Civil Service Employees Association says it could not comment on previous disciplinary actions or the investigation surrounding McDaniel’s death as it is ongoing.

The incident started when McDaniel and a corrections officer exchanged words while he was in his cell. The officer then targeted him for a cell search, and when McDaniel became combative, officers used force against him.

That incident is the one time use of force against McDaniel was found to have been justified. But the investigation said cell searches are supposed to be random and that the officer should have de-escalated the situation.

After that use of force, officers took McDaniel to the medical unit, but over 47 minutes, he collapsed or was taken to the ground by officers sixteen times. 

McDaniels collapsed and died outside the medical unit after allegedly refusing treatment, but his death was ruled a homicide by the Franklin County coroner.