COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Information about the career of Officer Adam Coy, the Columbus police officer involved in the shooting death of Andre’ Hill, is coming to light.

In a lengthy personnel file made public Wednesday, it shows that Coy has a history of complaints, many of which are for using force during arrests over the course of his career.

In his recent performance evaluations within the Columbus Division of Police, Coy meets or exceeds his performance in the force. But when you look at the multiple complaints against Coy, it’s clear he does not have a perfect record.

In 2012, the Internal Affairs Bureau investigated an incident that he was involved in, off-duty, violating some police rules and order.

In that same year, he had multiple complaints during an arrest in the middle of the night, including excessive force and injury to the suspect. In some of the internal investigations, he has multiple complaints for using rude or discourteous language or actions during arrests.

Documents show that Coy has had career counseling in some of those reviews. One from 2015 reiterates he is a good officer with no problem areas and a good resource for other officers. He has also received multiple citizen compliments for his field work. In 2018, he received recognition for his work on a robbery case and was always awarded a distinguished service medal for another incident.

According to the documents, it says Coy works in plainclothes on a regular basis and is a rifle operator and instructor.

After Hill’s shooting, Coy was relieved of duty, and Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther has called for Coy to be terminated for not turning on his body camera before the shooting and for failing to render medical aid to Hill.