COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Doctors say they are seeing and hearing about people who had contracted COVID-19 earlier in the pandemic who are getting it for a second or third time.

“When it comes to people getting COVID a second, or perhaps even a third time, clearly that can happen,” said Dr. Joseph Gastaldo, from OhioHealth. “I have seen that before in multiple patients.”

Dr. Mysheika Roberts, the Columbus Public Health commissioner, also said she has heard of and talked to individuals who had the virus multiple times.

“This is a virus and so when you get it, you get it,” Roberts said. “When you’re exposed, you’re exposed and you can develop symptoms and I think it’s very promising to hear people who have been vaccinated are having milder symptoms when they do get COVID-19.”

Matt Edwards, a former NBC4 reporter, said he got COVID-19 last February, before he was eligible to be vaccinated. Since then, Edwards did get vaccinated and earlier this week, he tested positive for the second time.

“This time is a lot more like a regular cold as to where the first time, it was pretty rough,” Edwards said. “I mean, I was sick for like two weeks and I would say for five of those days, I mean I barely got off the couch unless I had to.”

Edwards said he has not left his house, since he tested positive although his symptoms are subsiding.

According to Roberts, doctors do not track the number of people who have tested positive for the virus a second or third time.