LEWIS CENTER, Ohio (WCMH)–Critical race theory is a controversial subject that’s being discussed nationwide. Thursday night, it was the main topic of public comment for one school board of education meeting, despite it not being taught in the district.

There were several speakers at the Olentangy School Board of Education meeting. Some parents who were slated to speak, gave up their alloted five minutes to another person who was there to talk about critical race theory and his concerns.

“My child is five years old. All she should be thinking about is barbie dolls and going to the pool with my wife and wrestling with her daddy and I’m being told I’m going to send my child to school and she’s going to be taught about the color of her skin,” said Dimitrious Stanley.

Stanley is a former Ohio State wide receiver. He spoke during the board’s 30-minute public comment part of the meeting.

Each person was given five minutes to speak, and other community members yielded their time to Stanley Thursday night.

A spokesperson with Olentangy School District said it does not teach critical race theory.

We also spoke to a professor of history tonight with the Ohio State University to explain exactly what critical race theory is.

“It is a framework of analysis that came out of the top law schools in America some 30-40 years ago and it simply says in order to understand the American past and the American present, you have to take seriously the role of race and the role of racism in shaping the contours of the lives of America and American institutions,” explained Associate Professor of History, Hasan Kwame Jeffries.

The Olentangy School Board did not have anything regarding critical race theory on its agenda.

Members of the community brought it to the public opinion portion of the hearing.