COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) —Parents in Upper Arlington are divided tonight over a lawsuit filed today against the U.A. school district, its superintendent, the members of the school board, and Franklin County’s health commissioner.

A Franklin County court is being asked to order the school district to have in-person classes five days a week, claiming the planned virtual classes will do irreparable harm to students, including mental anxiety, depression and a loss of athletic scholarship opportunities.

“We’re not asking to create an unsafe environment, we are asking that there be a more sensible approach to create a pathway for kids and families that want to go to school in person and those folks who don’t have the option to stay at home,” said parent Brad Koffel.

Parents opposing the lawsuit say it will be financially devastating for the district, that is already struggling to deal with coronavirus. And they say it’s not yet safe to go back to school.

“Districts have been sued and there is a price that they pay for it,” parent Kim Petersen said. “And I will say I just think the outcome of this, we all want kids in school. I want my kids in school. I want my kids in school safely.”

The lawsuit seeks immediate injunctive relief, so classes can resume five days a week beginning Aug. 14.