COLUMBUS (WCMH) — December 16 is Double Your Donation Day with the Mid Ohio Food Collective and this year your donations are more important than ever.

One longtime volunteer says he’s always loved to volunteer but this year it was more important than ever.  

In Central Ohio, there has always been a need but in all of Rick Boone’s years of volunteering with the Mid Ohio Food Collective, he hasn’t seen anything like this.

“Pre pandemic on a good day we would do 250 clients. Now on a good day we do 1,200 clients.”

He said things went from steady, to the bottom dropping out.

“We had three days basically to change from our old concept to our new concept,” he said. “We’ve gone to a system now where people sit in their cars and we actually go to their cars.” 

Boone has been helping to stretch the food banks dollar for seven years. He typically would give three days a week of his time. Since March, he’s lost count of how many hours he’s put in.

“In the first month of this I was here every day, open to close, six days a week for the first three months.”

When asked how he managed to do it, he said he had great support. “I have a great wife. She comes and helps when she can. I’m retired. I used to be a Dairy Queen franchisee so I’m used to working long hours.” 

Volunteering was how he was raised. “My parents did a lot of volunteer work, so it was just kind of expected in our family to help out when you could.”

When the need struck this year, Boone knew where he was supposed to be. As families need more food, so does the foodbank. Donations have dropped. “The physical donations yeah they have. We haven’t had as many food drives which I understand.” 

When it comes to cash, it’s tight. The food bank can turn $1 into $10 dollars’ worth of goods. On this Double Your Donation Day, just $1 could feed a family.  

Boone hopes a donation today will help bring families back tomorrow in the way that he’s used to. “That’s the one thing I do miss. I don’t get to interact with the clients anymore. I don’t get to ask anyone how they are doing.” 

In January, the Mid Ohio Food Collective typically sees a drop in volunteers and an increased need for them. If you can’t donate money, consider donating your time. For more information on how to volunteer just head to