COLUMBUS (WMCH) – About 7,000 freshman and sophomores moved into their residence halls over the weekend. 

A spokesperson for Ohio State University Student Life says more than 14,000 students will live on campus this school year. And nearly 50,000 others will live in houses or apartments around campus. 

This time of year is when safety concerns increase and campus police have to start being more vigilant. 

“We will all be out on campus. All of our officers, our detective, even me, you’ll see me out patrolling, you’ll see me in buildings, our captain, everyone is out, high and visible,” said OSU interim chief of police Kimberly Spears-McNatt. 

With the majority of students back on campus, OSU police sent out the first safety alert of the school year over the weekend. 

A female student reported that she was robbed early Sunday morning on High Street near 14th Avenue. The Student told police she was struck in the face and the suspect snatched her purse then fled down the street. 

For the next two weeks, OSU police will be performing patrol saturation. 

“We are out walking the campus, checking buildings, we are out on bikes we are out patrolling, officers are out checking dorms,” said Spears-McNatt. 

Last year Ohio State sent out 10 on-campus incident public safety notices, 8 off-campus neighborhood safety notices and 2 imminent danger Buckeye Alerts. 

“I have comfort knowing that there is a lot of safety options on campus. We have the emergency buttons all around campus, there’s campus safety, if you are out off campus or need a ride home there are campus drivers,” said second-year student Sophie Claman. 

The sophomore says she received all emergency updates from OSU through text and email, and so does her mother. 

“I always tell her to make wise choices. To make sure she’s aware of her surroundings, eyes and ears open,” said Sophie’s mother Amy Claman.