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OSU Police K9s Lazar and Leo join team to help keep events safe

COLUMBUS (WCMH) - The Ohio State University is introducing their newest K9s Lazar and Leo.

Both of the Belgian Malinoises joined the University's police force in February. They search venues for explosives before and during large events. 

“Anytime at an event here, we want people to feel comfortable and safe," said Lazar's handler Ofc. Steve Laman. “It could be as specific as checking every car that’s coming into the football game.”
Ofc. Kyle Yeager is Leo's handler. Both dogs came from France and respond to commands in French. 
"Unfortunately with today’s climate...The University just wants to make sure our big events are safe and everyone’s protected," he said. 
With the addition of Lazar and Leo, there are a total of four dual-purpose K9s at OSU PD. 
“He does explosives work. He sniffs before big events, as well as patrol work," said Ofc. Yeager. "Article searches, building searches, tracking, things like that.”

He said it's important to remember their K9s shouldn't be distracted. 
“If the dogs are out of the car at an event like this, they are working," said Ofc. Yeager. "Don’t just come up and try to pet the dog.”
The officers and their four-legged partners are always together.
“A lot more time is spent with that dog than really my own family," said Ofc. Laman.
And it's all to make sure we can safely enjoy the next big event at OSU.
"You load him up and he’s happy and excited to come to work and it changes the perspective of things a lot," he said. 
You won’t only see Lazar and Leo on the OSU campus. They were out at Red, White and Boom earlier this week and are often called out to help at other events around Central Ohio. 


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