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OSU now offering full-service tailgate packages, for a price

Saturday morning in Columbus it will be all about tailgating, and now there's a new tailgate experience for those who want to pay.

Buckeye Park by Tailgate Club at Coffey Road Park offers different tailgate services depending on the person wants.

Tailgaters have their options of three tents. Small which fits 10 people, and medium which fits 20, and a large tent will fit 40 people, but they can accommodate more but simply setting up more tents.

They also provide coolers, chairs, and even a Tv with satellite service already hooked up.

It all depends on how you customize your tailgate package.

"The convenience factor is there," said IMG's marketing manager Devon Alexander.

He said he believes it could be the ultimate pregame tailgate experience.

They set up and clean up for you, and the location is a simple walk from the stadium.

They even provide some entertainment.

"It's our little corn hole village," said Alexander. "We got five corn hole sets."

The Ashcrafts said don't mind setting everything up themselves. They begin the night before.

"We got a trailer and that's what we haul all of our tailgating stuff in," said John Ashcraft.

He and his family will be out at five Saturday morning just like they've been doing for 11 years.

"We're like a family here for eight home games or so," said John.

While he and his wife aren't alumni of OSU, they said the game day experience is second to none.

"It's just the whole atmosphere of game day you can't beat it," said Marcia Ashcraft.

People who purchase a Buckeye Tailgate experience will get a parking pass right across the street from the Coffey Road Park.



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