COLUMBUS (WCMH) — After 18 hours, police are still on the scene of a shooting where a 16-year old girl died and multiple teenagers ranging from 16 to 19 were injured during an event at Bicentennial Park Amphitheater.

Police say Olivia Kurtz was shot during the event that was promoted on social media at the amphitheater along the Scioto Mile.

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She was transported to Grant Hospital where she was pronounced dead at 1:06 a.m., according to police. Several other people were injured during the incident:

  • A 16-year old boy was transported to OSU Medical Center and underwent surgery for a gunshot wound
  • A 19-year old woman was treated at OSU for undisclosed injuries
  • A juvenile was transported to Children’s Hospital with a gunshot injury
  • A 19-year old female was transported to a local hospital with a gunshot injury
  • A 19-year old man was transported to a local hospital with a gunshot injury

Someone who was at the gathering said the event started with messages going around about meeting downtown to ride scooters and then turned into more of a party atmosphere. As of Sunday afternoon, police still had the amphitheater taped off, evidence markers throughout the area, and several scooters still in the vicinity.

Columbus Deputy Chief of Police Timothy Becker confirmed that one of the 19-year olds injured, Nave Dowe, is the same woman who was in the news in February for helping to locate an abducted baby during an Amber Alert.

Police said the event did not have a permit from the city and that the park was closed at the time of the shooting.

Police say two other victims received minor injuries at they attempted to flee the area.

Becker said there is a curfew to keep youth off the street, but that officers often find themselves in a “tough position” when trying to enforce it.

“There is a juvenile curfew,” he said. “In light, it’s not a criminal offence. In light of changes with the juvenile court, it’s not very often that somebody would be arrested for curfew, so officers find themselves in a tough position.”

Becker pleaded with the public to offer up any information they may have on the shooting.

“My plea is that to all these parents, if your kids were there,” he said. “We know how kids are these days. Most likely, they have a lot of video on their cellphones. They know something. Help us find the killer. The shooters. Help us stop this so kids can be out, enjoying their lives, without losing their lives.”

No one is in custody at this point and police are asking for the public’s help. Anyone who was present at the event or who took photos is asked to contact police at 614-645-4730.