The OhioHealth Simulation team is connecting with the local medical students in Dublin for a mock mass casualty simulation.

“Fortunately we don’t have to use this every day which is great but when it does happen they are at least familiar with the incident command structure and a lot of stuff that happens in the background,” said Brad Gable, the assistant director for Simulation at Ohio health says,

“As future physician assistants and doctors I think it’s important to have this training to fall back on in a high stress situation,” noted Rich Dowd, a second-year student at OU.

“Those type of situations are rare but very chaotic, as one could imagine.”

Students like Dowd and Savannah Seigneur are grateful for this training.

They know this is something that is valuable and will benefit them down the road. 

“With so many more events and disasters happening in the world recently it kind of takes the fear out of it when you’re more prepared,” noted Seigneur. “The reason we came to medical school is to help
 people so if we have that situation where we can be of more help this is a great way to train for that.”

These medical students from the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine are having a unique hands-on learning experience. 

The Emergency Medicine Club at the Heritage College, Dublin, hosted its third annual Disaster Day.

The training is sponsored by Mid-Ohio Emergency Services, OhioHealth, the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine at Dublin and the Washington Township Fire Department.

Nearly 60 medical students from the Heritage College’s campuses in Dublin and Athens got presentations on how to handle mass casualty situations and were given an opportunity to apply what they have learned through mass casualty simulations. 

A number of emergency medicine physicians from OhioHealth and representatives from local agencies engaged in emergency response were at the Washington Township Administrative Offices to conduct the training.

This is the third year for Disaster Day.