BUCKEYE LAKE, Ohio (WCMH) – As thousands of travelers head to their Memorial Day weekend destinations most are dreading the same thing – filling up at the gas pump. To try and save money some Ohioans are opting for a ‘staycation.’

RV travel has become popular in the last few years, but filling up one today will cost you hundreds. David Wright and his family are staying at the Kampground of America in Buckeye Lake.

“With the gas prices it’s going to be more local trips this year,” Wright said.

Wright said his family normally takes their RV out of state for Memorial Day Weekend but thanks to soaring gas prices that wasn’t an option this year.

“We took it to Florida and back for $1,100,” Wright said. “I couldn’t even get to Florida for $1,100 now.”

He said it costs him nearly 200 dollars to fill up his tank. So they opted for a ‘staycation.’ Wright is from Piqua, Ohio and his son is from Circleville.

“Let’s go somewhere close where we both can meet and not have exceedingly high costs because ordinarily, we would like to go somewhere else,” Wright said.

Other RV owners like Jarrad Tracy are not breaking the bank and traveling this Memorial Day weekend. He said he uses his RV almost weekly to travel for go-kart racing and has had to create a separate budget just to afford fuel for his camper.

“So really with the camper we have and the trailer we are towing with the weight I am seeing anywhere from about five to seven miles a gallon,” Tracy said. “It’s not uncommon for us to pay five to six hundred dollars to fill up.”

Tracy said it is a hard pill to swallow because the RV is meant to be for a good time with his family rather than stress.

“Folks have to do what they need to do,” Tracy said. “RVs are for the family experience, RVs are for travel. We use ours mostly for the racing but it is still a family experience so we want to do that. But this is really putting a hindrance on our economy.”

AAA is reporting the average price in Ohio for a gallon of gas is currently at $4.96, compared to $2.90 this time last year. Spokesperson Kimberly Schwind said she is not sure when this pain at the pump will end.

“Four dollars a gallon is the point at which a lot of people are going to change their habits,” Schwind said. “While we still expect people to want to get out and want to travel over memorial day and during the summer we do expect people to respond to these prices by making cuts in other areas.”

AAA is still expecting this to be a huge travel weekend both on the roads and in the air.

The managers here at KOA said their campground is almost full this weekend – a lot of the people coming from other parts of Ohio.