COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Governor Mike DeWine says he is walking back his directive that he made Monday making face coverings inside retail businesses mandatory for Ohioans; however, it is still strongly recommended for customers and required for employees/employers.

“It is going to be, for most people, a recommendation, in fact, a strong recommendation, for people to do this,” said DeWine.

Dewine acknowledged wearing a face mask is considered “offensive for some of our fellow Ohioans.”

However, the recommendation is only for consumers. The Ohio Department of Health has clarified that business that are open or will be reopening, employees are required to wear face coverings.

COVID-19 Responsible Protocols for getting Ohio back to work via Ohio Dept. of Health

The governor said several people have reached out to him about Monday’s mandate.

“I got a call last night from a mom I did not know, and we had a great conversation. I listened to her, and she talked about her son who is autistic. She explained to me how he saw things, how he felt things, and that [wearing a face mask] presented a real problem for him,” DeWine elaborated. “I get it. I understand.”

DeWine says businesses are allowed to turn away customers if they do not have a face covering.

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