ATHENS, Ohio (WCMH) — An alleged rapist is still on the loose near Ohio University.

Now students are picking up their phones to use a new app with the goal to keep them safe.

Ohio University students were back at campus less than a month ago to kick off the new school year, and in a matter of three weeks, multiple sexual assault crimes have been reported, with the most recent one being this past weekend.

Signs from the Survivor Advocacy Program (SAP) are tied to light poles around campus letting students know the university has their back in sexual assault situations.

Students were key to developing an app that puts all the safety features they may need right in the palm of their hands.

“I think making people aware is really good and you’ve noticed a change on campus with Greek life having signs on houses and people being comfortable to speak out,” said student Brianne Mertes.

The SAP banners tied to hundreds of light poles read, “We support survivors” and “Be a better bystander,” all in an effort to combat sexual assault.

“I think it’s a positive message to put out there, especially with what happens on campus every weekend,” said student Madison Lind.

This past weekend was when the most recent rape was reported to campus police.

A woman said she was attached inside Shively Hall, a dorm on campus.

“No one should be put in a position like that or remotely close to be put in a position like that,” Lind said.

Ohio University Police said this was the second alleged rape reported since the school year started.

The first was reported this school year and allegedly happened in 2018. There was also a sexual assault this school year in which an arrest has been made.

Athens Police are also investigating the reported rape that happened this month.

“It makes you scared to walk on your own campus,” said student Sarah Wingo.

During this time last year, three rapes were reported to campus police and another three to Athens Police.

It’s part of the reason why students wanted to create the banners for the campus.

“It’s reassuring because last year was scary with all the rapes on campus,” Wingo said. “It’s good that people are acknowledging it as a problem.”

Student Senate president Lydia Ramo helped spearhead the movement to get victims to speak up.

“I think it opens the conversation instead of putting it under the rug,” she said.

Ramo also showed off the safety app for students called BOBCAT that has resources for police and friends can track your location virtually.

“If you’re sidetracked or something looks suspicious, your friend can call you and if no response, they can call the police,” Ramo said.

These new resources are making students hope this school year will bring less sexual assaults and more conversations.

“I’m hoping it’s not as bad, but I’m hoping people at least speak up,” Wingo said.

As for this latest incident, police are looking for a man approximately 5-feet, 10-inches tall with brown hair and square-shaped glasses, a deeper voice and bushy eyebrows.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Ohio University Campus Police at (740) 593-1911.

To contact the Survivor Advocacy Program (SAP), call 740-597-SAFE(7233).