ATHENS, Ohio (WCMH) — Ohio University has expelled a fraternity after accusations of hazing and other student code of conduct violations.

Sigma Pi was expelled from campus by the university administration.

According to the university, school officials received notice of the death of first-year student Collin Wiant in an off-campus residence in November 2018.

A toxicology report shows that Wiant died of asphyxiation due to nitrous oxide ingestion. At the time of his death, Wiant was a pledge of the Epsilon Chapter of Sigma Pi at Ohio University

The university said it later learned the home was an unofficial annex of the Sigma Pi fraternity (Epsilon Chapter).

During the ensuing investigation, the university said it received reports of hazing activity by members of the fraternity. The fraternity was subsequently charged with eleven violations of the student code of conduct.

Hazing charges included endangerment, brutality, coerced consumption, mental stress and coerced activities. The fraternity was also accused of damage to property, alcoholic beverage violations and harmful behavior.

It was found in violation on 10 of the 11 charges.


The university said the decision to expel the fraternity is effective immediately and final.

A lawsuit was filed against the fraternity and its international headquarters in February.