COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — New safety measures are in place on and around the campus of The Ohio State University.

Crews are in the process of installing surveillance cameras at the vehicle and pedestrian entrances and exits of every parking garage on campus.

Monica Moll, the university’s director of public safety, said the cameras have been installed in four garages. The goal is to have them in the remaining 11 garages by the time students return to campus in the fall.

According to Moll, the cameras will help authorities know more about incidents as they respond to them.

“The more common use will be after the fact, in terms of following up,” she said. “If cars are broken into or a vehicle is stolen, we can go back, check those and take a look at the suspects coming and going from the garage and hopefully have some solvability factors for our detectives.”

Moll also said about 60 license plate readers that can help solve crimes have been installed as part of a pilot program. About 15 of those are on campus, with the rest located in the University District.