COLUMBUS (WCMH) – Football fans and tailgaters took extra precaution Saturday after a string of parking lot thefts took place outside the Schottenstein Center this week.

“If someone’s coming up the back of the camper, that’s our really only entrance to the camper,” said Jamie McDaniel, a tailgater from Cleveland.

McDaniel says this is her first time tailgating at an Ohio State University game, and while she’s excited, she said they’ve also installed security cameras just to be safe.

“We have a security camera in the back, and inside the camper as well,” she said.

Earlier this week, at least three thefts were reported to OSU public safety, each of them happening in the gray parking lots at the Schott, the same place where tailgaters come to camp out before the game.

“You’re allowed to leave it overnight, till about 11 a.m. next day, and as long as you get it back in a reasonable time, I’ve never had an issue with leaving it overnight,” said John Goodman, an OSU fan.

Goodman said they’ve never experienced a theft like this, while others, like Sue Walton, aren’t taking any chances.

“Well, everything is locked up pretty good, you hit a button, and everything locks up pretty well. And some of us go to the game, some of us stay back, we’ve got some dogs in there, so nobody’s going to go in,” Walton said.

The thefts are under investigation.