COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Ohio State has reported more rapes in the past three years than any other Big Ten university, leading the other schools by far in rapes included the schools’ Annual Crime Reports mandated by the federal Clery Act.

Ohio State has reported the rapes of 345 people from 2018 to 2020, more the double the next university, Penn State (118). OSU has also reported more than four times the rapes of the rest of the top five: Michigan State (85), Iowa (83) and Michigan (80).

Ohio State has a full-time Clery coordinator and more than 10,000 campus security authorities, who are required to report allegations of sexual assault, rape and other crimes, according to an OSU spokesperson.

Campus Security Authority reporters are widely available at OSU, so it may be that more people are reporting rapes there than at other universities.

Molly Peirano, Director of Education and Engagement in OSU’s Office of Equity, told NBC4’s Jamie Ostroff she believes the numbers on the Annual Crime Reports are up because people are feeling more comfortable coming forward to share information.

According to The Clery Center, a 2015 study “shows that when it comes to crimes of sexual assault or sexual misconduct 28% or less of even the most serious incidents are reported to an organization or agency, and 50% or more of victims of these serious incidents say they do not report the event because they do not consider it ‘serious enough.'”

Rapes and Ohio State University

NBC4 ran a series of reports on rapes at Ohio State in November 2021:

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