COLUMBUS (WCMH) — We are a month away from “the game” and Wednesday marks the beginning of the annual Blood Battle between Ohio State and Michigan. 

Over the next four weeks, community members of both universities will donate blood patients in need, at several drives.  

This year’s competition to see which university can generate more, comes at a time in which doctors say there is a national shortage in blood donations as a result of the pandemic.  

“You could give me literally billions or even trillions of dollars — the smartest scientists, greatest labs and we can not create in a lab what these people are donating right now by raising the sleeve. We can not manufacture blood. We need donors to donate blood for patients,” said Dr. Dan Waxman with the Versiti Blood Center. 

In total, the Versiti Blood Center of Ohio will hold 51 blood drives by the end of the Blood Battle.  

To see the full list of the events click here