COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — A condom designed to enhance sexual pleasure is the subject of a new study published by researchers at the Ohio State University.

The condom, created by Futura Medical, an R&D company located in the U.K. that focuses on “advanced transdermal technology,” contains a gel created to increase male erection firmness, size and duration.

Ohio State researchers found that the Futura Medical condom, known as CSD500, “could hold public health importance globally” because its “use was associated with higher reports of sexual pleasure and condom acceptability.”

The lead author of the study, Maria Gallo, told Ohio State News, “A condom such as CSD500 could be helpful for women in established relationships because they may face less difficulty in asking a partner to wear a condom for his pleasure than for pregnancy or disease prevention.”

The randomized controlled trial involved 500 couples in Vietnam who filled out questionnaires designed to measure their sexual satisfaction and pleasure over six months.

Two of the most surprising statistics in the report were that nearly 70% of men who used the CSD500 said it felt “natural” and 15.5% said sex with the condom felt “a lot better” than condomless sex.

The report states that the study was funded by grants and Futura Medical provided free condoms, “without having any other role or influence.”

The CSD500 is not currently available in the U.S. but is approved for use in more than two dozen counties in Europe, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, according to Ohio State News.