COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – It’s about to get a lot busier on the Ohio State University campus, with move-in officially starting Monday.

By Saturday night, there will be about 14,000 first- and second-year students moving into residence halls.

Some, however, took advantage of the weekend to start moving in early.

It’s that time of year when parents and their children are around the OSU campus, unloading cars and pushing around full carts into the dormitories.

Two years ago, move-in was spread over 12 days instead of two because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Last year, it was cut to six days and will be six days again this year.

According to the university’s Office of Student Life, that’s because families said they liked it that way.

Students moving in Sunday said they enjoy getting to move in early.

“It was fast, it was way better than last year,” said OSU sophomore Maxwell Fidler. “I went in the middle of move-in week last year and there’s so many people. Everybody is moving around, hard to get these red carts we just brought out here, but coming today is really easy.”

Sophomore Ash Williams moved in early because he will be part of the OSU team helping others get settled.

“Took a lot of trips,” he said. “Fourth trip, had to go out and buy some stuff that we forgot, or I was told to bring it and I forgot it.”

Tom Harrington is moving his son in this year, but moved his daughter in a few years ago in the two-day system.

“It was a little chaotic, so this was much better,” he said.

Students moving into residence halls this year have had their high school experiences, college experiences, or both affected by COVID-19. With Franklin County considered high on the CDC’s COVID map, there’s a mask advisory encouraging people to wear them indoors. OSU has a mask-optional policy in place.

“We had online classes a lot last year and I wasn’t really a big fan of those, so I’m glad everything is back in person,” Fidler said.