COLUMBUS (WCMH) – The U. S. Farm Report, the nation’s leading agricultural television show, stopped by Ohio State University Wednesday morning.

The university was the final stop on the show’s eight-part college roadshow, featuring students and faculty across the country who are making major advancements and contributions to the agricultural industry.

U.S. Farm Report said it’s clear – OSU’s football team carries a lot of pride, but that pride extends into the agricultural programs, too.

Sometimes, those paths cross.

“There’s actually Cade Stover of the Ohio State University,” said Tyne Morgan with U.S. Farm Report. “He’s a farm kid from Ohio, so we’re talking to him about his work ethic and his hard work on the farm prepared him for what he does now, and he wants to go to the NFL and it’s all to do a couple years, make some money, and go back to the family farm.”

OSU is also a land grant university, meaning the school receives federal funding to execute the mission of agricultural teaching, research, and extension.