COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Students at Ohio State University celebrated the life of Henry Meacock Monday with a candlelight vigil and fundraiser for the family.

Meacock, a second-year finance student, died on March 15 while on spring break in Mexico.

“You look around on a night like tonight and you can only hope to wish when you go one day, you’ll be loved and supported by so many friends,” said one man celebrating Meacock’s life.

Signs have been hung around campus reading, “Live Like Meacs,” something his friends said if you knew him, you would understand instantly.

“He put so much energy into the little things, saying, ‘What’s up,’ being a good friend, being a good person overall, and I think that’s who everyone should try and replicate themselves around and if the world was all made of Henry Meacocks, this world would really be a great place,” the man said.

Following the vigil, a fundraiser was held at Threes Above High, where 100 percent of the profits were donated to Meacock’s family.