COLUMBUS (WCMH) — The Ohio State University will send a push notification Wednesday advising students who attend the Columbus campus of a new online safety course.

The creation of the course, which is called the Stay Safe, Buckeyes class, was one of the 15 recommendations made by the university’s Task Force on Community Safety and Well-Being.

“Thirteen of those 15 recommendations have been fully or partially implemented, and many of them are ongoing,” said Monica Moll, the university’s director of public safety.

The class, which takes about an hour to complete, includes several videos covering topics such as crime prevention, how to report a crime, self-defense, and police engagement. There are also questions for students as they complete it.

“I think this is very important for them to become aware of the resources that are available to them because we can come up with all sorts of ideas to add layers of safety and add resources, but none of them will work if they’re not aware of them and don’t take advantage of them,” Moll said.

While the push notification for students will be sent through the OSU app Wednesday, officials said they will also use other means to promote the course.

“Our goal is to try to get this out in front of students, faculty, and staff in as many ways as possible to try to encourage participation,” said Dan Hedman, a university spokesperson.

Students who say they are concerned about the crime that has occurred off-campus this semester said they intend to take the course.

“I mean, it’s free and it’s helpful, so why not?” said student Inshira Dartey.

Students can access the course by clicking here. Parents and members of the public can view the videos by clicking here.