COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Whether it’s for the safety of family and friends, or their own personal protection, on Tuesday hundreds of students and staff at Ohio State rolled up their sleeves again.  

An on-campus booster clinic is helping the university limit the spread of COVID-19 on campus. 

“A lot of my friends actually tested positive back home, and they didn’t have their booster shot,” admits Alyssa Miller, an Ohio State sophomore. 

With students returning this week for the start of the spring semester, some on campus say they aren’t taking any chances with the quickly spreading virus. 

“Me not wanting to always have to go into quarantine or not spread it around to my family and friends,” adds fellow sophomore Peter Lawal. 

As of Tuesday morning, nearly 300 students and staff had registered to receive their booster shot at the Jesse Owens North Center. A number that one spokesperson said was “fluid,” as additional appointments came in. 

“Being part of the program and understanding what we’ve been through the past couple of years, just get it for others because it makes things much easier and better for us,” says Jamie Henderson. 

Henderson is in his third year as an assistant coach on Ohio State’s men’s gymnastics team. After the ups and downs of the previous two seasons, he’s hoping for a more normal season this time around. 

“Right at the beginning it was pretty rigorous with all the testing and all the protocol we had to go through, all the hoops we were jumping through,” Henderson explains. “This year with the boosters and the vaccine, we should be able to get through much easier.” 

Just over 10,000 positive cases were recorded when students returned to campus over the weekend, with the university tweaking safety measures to limit the transmission on campus. 

“A lot of my classes you’re not allowed to eat or drink, and you have to wear your mask 24/7. So, I feel mostly safe,” Miller says of the university’s response to the record case numbers in central Ohio. 

But with a nearly 93% vaccination rate on campus, students have a message for their classmates. 

“Look around, most people are vaccinated. So, go get your vaccinations to keep everybody safe,” Lawal encourages. 

The Wexner Medical Center, which operates the clinic here at Jesse Owens North, says boosters are available Tuesdays through Fridays. 

Students can schedule a time to receive their shot through their “MyChart” account, but walk-ins are welcome.