COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – As a handful of its new medical and academic buildings are slated to open in the coming months, Ohio State University is shelling out $150 million for additional construction and renovation.

At its full board meeting last week, the Ohio State Board of Trustees approved design and construction costs for four new major projects. And of the university’s 12 major projects – projects costing more than $20 million – five are expected to be finished before the end of 2023.

Here are the new projects that were approved:

OSU East Hospital renovations

The operating rooms in Ohio State’s East Side hospital are getting major upgrades.

With a $22.3 million budget, Ohio State will renovate 10 rooms on the fourth floor of East Hospital into nine new operating rooms and a storage room, according to board materials. Operating rooms in the 190-bed hospital will get new finishes, updated HVAC systems, medical gas and electrical upgrades, new lighting and floors.

Construction is scheduled to begin in June and will be completed two rooms at a time, with a tentative opening date of December 2025.

Waterman Multi-species Animal Learning Center

Just under $1 million is covering the design development of a new learning laboratory on the university’s agricultural campus. The Multi-species Animal Learning Center will have interconnected barns, wet labs, an arena and public viewing areas where students will study cows, horses, pigs and other livestock animals. 

Ohio State does not yet have an anticipated construction budget as the design process will continue through November.

Biomedical and Materials Engineering Complex

The College of Engineering’s latest facility upgrades continue with a $76.4 million increase in construction costs. Development of the interdisciplinary complex – which will house departments including materials science, biomedical, chemical and biomolecular engineering – has been underway since 2021.

A rendering of the east side of the $150 million Biomedical and Materials Engineering Complex. (Courtesy Photo/Ohio State University)

After demolishing Watts Hall, construction of new laboratory and classroom space will soon take its place. MacQuigg Hall – which used to be connected to Watts Hall – will be renovated to improve energy efficiency and meet ADA accessibility requirements. The complex will connect MacQuigg and the new construction with Fontana Laboratory, which opened in 2020.

Construction is expected to begin in September, with the complex opening in 2025.

Campbell Hall renovations

One of the university’s older academic buildings and housing the College of Education and Human Ecology, Campbell Hall will undergo a $61.2 million facelift. The university approved nearly $50 million in construction costs to renovate 115,000 square feet of classrooms, office areas and computer labs and to replace aging roofing, windows and building systems. Initial renderings show proposed greenspace on the east and west sides of the buildings, with concrete seating areas and pedestrian walkways.

Previous construction costs for the project included the renovation of 9,000 square feet in Evans Laboratory to house faculty displaced by Campbell Hall renovations. Construction started in February and is scheduled to finish in early 2025.

And here are updates on current projects:

Opening soon

  • Pelotonia Research Center: The five-story laboratory in what Ohio State calls its developing “Carmenton” district finished construction this spring and celebrated its opening in mid-May. The interdisciplinary building houses research in biomedical, engineering, environmental and life sciences and will fully open in June.
  • Newton Hall renovation: Construction on the first floor is nearly complete and will open in June. With Newton Hall renovations beginning last summer, the classroom and meeting space improvements are part of a five-year plan to improve the College of Nursing’s facilities.
  • The James Outpatient Care facility: A new outpatient cancer research and treatment facility is inching toward its planned July opening. In addition to having a surgical center and outpatient office space, the facility will be home to central Ohio’s first proton therapy center and will offer the radiation treatment beginning in October.
  • Arts District completion: After opening the Timashev Family Music Building last fall, the university is set to complete construction of its new Arts District this summer with the finishing of the Department of Theatre, Film and Media Arts building. Opening in time for the fall semester, the new department building’s completion also means Annie and John Glenn Avenue will soon extend to High Street – a change from its current cutoff at College Road.
  • Energy Advancement and Innovation Center: Solar panels will soon dot the roof of the university’s new energy research building. The 66,000-square-foot center is nearing construction completion, with an anticipated opening date in October.