COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Ohio State University will be putting millions of dollars to increase safety around the campus area.  

Ohio State University President Kristina Johnson announced Friday that the school will be investing at least $20 million over the next decade, at $2 million a year to fund enhanced safety and security on and around campus.  

Johnson, along with Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther spoke about the safety measures including an expansion of off-campus security along with private security, additional mobile lighting, and 10 mobile cameras during a news conference Friday.

The city and the university are putting forth their plans to combat violent crimes in our city.

Ohio State has sent out 10 safety notices since school started. One was a public safety notice the others were specifically neighborhood safety notices.

The most common reason for the reports is robbery but there have also been alerts issued for a deadly shooting, two carjackings, and a sexual assault. The latest was the shots fired Friday morning at a house party.

So far 14 students have been listed as victims of these crimes and three other non-students are also listed.

The city also responded to a shooting on the east side Thursday night which injured a 12-year-old boy and a 16-year-old boy.

These are two separate communities, but both agree it’s everyone’s issue.

OSU announced a multimillion-dollar safety plan and Mayor Andrew Ginther says they’re working on a plan of their own.

“To have a 12-year-old and 16-year-old, from my understanding just out playing football enjoying a great evening, and to have that to escalate so quickly into gunfire,” Ginther said.

He says what’s next is a comprehensive safety plan. He’s tasked the newest faces in the city to put one together before the end of October.

“We wanna be the safest big city in America and we’re clearly not there yet. Chief Bryant and Director Clark and I are all working together with folks throughout the community, and we will not yield and we will not rest until we make sure that everybody is safe throughout our city,” he said.

He joined the Ohio State University for their announcement putting forth funding to combat crime.

“Today I have directed the university to invest an additional two million dollars of funding per year over the next decade to enhance safety on and around our campus for a total of at least 20 million dollars,” explained OSU President Dr. Kristina Johnson.

Dr. Johnson says Friday OSU deployed additional mobile cameras and light units to off-campus areas.

She said, “including using additional private security and continuing to support the community crime patrol, this increased security will include additional campus service officers who will immediately expand their patrols on the university district.”

Both Ginther and Johnson are calling for the community to speak up, say something if you know something.

“East side, north side, west side, south side they all need to be safe and that’s what the comprehensive is going to look at. Every neighborhood matters every neighborhood needs to be safe and we are not going to rest until they are,” Ginther said.

Ginther says the city is increasing patrols and devoting more resources and expertise where they can.

He added they’ve seen some progress, particularly in the University district. He says total incidents are down 51 percent since they launched a safety plan with OSU a couple of weeks ago.