COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Thousands of racers gathered for the annual Ohio State Four-Miler. It’s a celebration of football and fitness because it always happens the day after the Spring Game.

“What makes this event so special and the largest four-mile race in the entire country is that you start here, and we finish on the 50-yard line,” says race director David Babbner. “As you’re coming across, all these Buckeye greats will be out there giving you high fives.”

Football players from past and present were at the Four-Miler. “Going out there and playing in front of 75,000 was awesome,” says OSU quarterback Kyle McCord. “Great environment getting back out there in the Shoe, and then coming here it’s just the perfect blend of everything. So, it’s been a great weekend.”

The star football players that fans have cheered on for years took a turn cheering on participants during Sunday’s race. “It’s nice to kind of support them, they are always supporting us so it’s kind of flipping the roles,” says McCord.

It’s a different feeling for the athletes, but one that they welcome.

“It’s really humbling because I’ve really never done anything like this before. I like seeing all the fans, all the support they bring so it’s just a great opportunity to give back,” says offensive lineman Victor Cutler.

The race is also a chance for Ohioans to experience being at the center of the Shoe. It’s something that does not happen often for anyone except football players.

“What’s the most exciting part is watching the smiles on their faces when they come through the home team tunnel. It’s pretty amazing,” says Babbner. “They come through the tunnel, loop around the endzone, high-five the athletes, and then get to cross the 50-yard line, look up and see themselves on the scoreboard.”

Overall, event organizers say this year’s Four-Miler was a huge success.