COLUMBUS (WCMH) — An attempted armed robbery near the campus of The Ohio State University has prompted officials to issue another Neighborhood Safety Notice to students.

According to the university, a student was approached by two suspects while walking on North High Street, near Northwood Avenue, shortly before 2:30 Monday morning.

The notice states one of the suspects pointed a gun and demanded the victim’s property before the student turned and ran.

The suspects fled the area, as well. No injuries were reported, and no property was taken.

This prompted the fourth safety notice to be issued by the university since last Monday.

Monica Moll, the university’s director of public safety, told NBC4 what is being done to protect students off-campus.

“We have re-engaged Community Crime Patrol, and so those are unarmed security folks that are out as an extra set of eyes and ears to report things to police,” she said. “We also, when students are back in the fall and spring semester and we’ve started that this week — in those hours where crime tends to be the highest, 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. — we have extra officers out on overtime, so the university pays Columbus police and OSU police to do extra patrols in those neighborhoods.”

Moll also said the university continues to implement the recommendations from the Community Safety and Well-Being Task Force. Information on the task force can be found by clicking here.

Anyone with information on the crimes near campus is urged to call the police at 614-645-4545.