COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Five people reported rapes at Ohio State University in December according to police logs, bringing the total rapes reported in 2021 to campus police to 77.

In December, three of the sexual assaults are reported as being off campus. One is recorded with an unknown location, and the fifth is recorded as happening at Lincoln Tower in early November.

All rapes reported in December happened in 2021, and all were reported to Campus Security Authorities.

Sexual assault at OSU in 2021

In 2021, students were off campus for part of the year due to COVID-19 but returned in the fall. Campus police logs through October showed 66 rapes reported to OSUPD or a Campus Security Authority, according to an NBC4 analysis. Forty-two of those rapes were reported as occurring in 2021.

In November, six rapes were reported at OSU. All of the rapes are reported to have occurred at on-campus locations. Five were reported to campus security authorities and one was reported directly to campus police, according to logs kept by campus police that are federally required under the Clery Act.

Rapes and Ohio State University

NBC4 ran a series of reports on rapes at Ohio State in November 2021: