COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — A plan aimed at boosting safety in the University District by increasing police presence was announced on Thursday.

Students said they generally feel safe on campus, but it’s the surrounding areas that sometimes bring a little worry.

“At the end of the day, I think today is a win for Ohio State students at large. You know, I think that knowing that the administration is listening to us and listening to the safety concerns that we do have, it’s really inspiring,” OSU Student Body President Bobby McAlpine said.

Ohio State’s Police Department is hiring five more officers and the Columbus Division of Police will also expand its presence in the off-campus area.

“[It’s] definitely very good. Because yeah, you can never have too much, you can never do too much to keep people safe,” OSU Sophomore Madison Kangas said.

There will also be more mobile security cameras and more off-campus stops on the campus bus service.

“I can tell you my inbox is filling out from parents that are saying thank you. We have heard from many parents, but we often hear from parents at the start of the academic year. But this year, there were a couple of incidents that occurred that caused parents and students to reach out,” OSU Director of Public Safety Monica Moll said.

The goal is for these added measures to bring crime in the area down.

“Especially for me, I’m someone who’s out of state so hearing that there’s more police and safety around makes me feel safer because this is kind of my new home here,” OSU Sophomore Maria Capasso said.

Moll said she realizes the University has more work to do.

“We do realize that even one crime can turn into a tragedy… we evaluated the programs that were in place over the last two years that we thought might be responsible for the downward trend, and then we want to double down on that and keep it going in that direction,” Moll said.

OSU will also continue the non-police security teams who act as foot patrols in the University District.

“We are part of Columbus, we’re part of Ohio, no matter if we come from way out from California. We are Buckeyes at the end of the day, and making sure that Buckeyes are safe I think that’s the biggest part of being an Ohio State student,” McAlpine said.

The university is working on getting NBC4 how much these safety improvements will cost.