COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Three Ohio State University fraternities have been suspended after being accused of alcohol and hazing violations.

According to a letter sent by the university, Phi Delta Theta is suspended from campus through August of 2024. Zeta Beta Tau and Sigma Pi are suspended until August 2023.

In order to re-establish themselves, the fraternities must begin communication with the university at least a year prior.

According to documents, Phi Delta Theta was accused of:

  • Having ew members participate in line-ups, a physical activity that required new members to hold stress positions, including but not limited to “the rack”, “the beetle”, and wall-sits, as a form of punishment;
  • New members completing tasks, which include but are not limited to, running errands for, cleaning for, and driving to bars for older initiated members of the organization;
  • New members being confined to the Phi Delta Theta chapter house for consecutive days prior to initiation, where new members were required to stay inside the chapter house and had their BuckIDs, wallets, phones, and/or other devices taken from them.

Phi Delta Theta was also accused of hosting an event and a meeting at its annex on Indianola Avenue in violation of an interim suspension.

Zeta Beta Tau was accused of hosting an event where alcohol was served. During that event, a student became ‘intoxicated to the point of experiencing an adverse reaction, requiring attention from university staff and Ohio State University Police Department.

Sigma Pi was accused of:

  • Alcohol being made available and offered to new members, several under the age of 21, at social events and/or during their new member process
  • New members being required to participate in physical activities such as holding stress positions including, but not limited to, wall sits and push-ups, that were consequences for missing quiz questions given during Thursday new member meetings
  • New members being asked to run errands for initiated members of Sigma Pi in order to obtain signatures
  • New members having to conduct interviews with initiated members as part of the new member process
  • New members being required to serve as sober monitors, door security, and/or bartenders

During their suspension, the fraternities lose the ability to recruit new members and make use of university resources.