A group of law students walked out of their classrooms at 11:10 Monday morning in solidarity against the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. 

They said they will continue the speak out and protest the process in which he was confirmed. 

“It was just very encouraging to see such a welcome response from our classmates when initially we thought it would just be some of our close friends,” said Andrea Witte who is an OSU Law Student. 

A day after the Ohio Democratic dinner where California US Senator Kamala Harris called the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing a sham, law students here at OSU walkout of class. 

“It was mainly based on frustration,” said Kirstin Peterson another OSU Law Student. 

She said she believes the FBI investigation into allegations that Kavanaugh sexually, assaulted Dr Christine Ford wasn’t thorough and she feels feel members of Congress didn’t take Dr. Ford seriously. 

“We just wanted her to know women everywhere and women and victims of sexual violence that we are here and we believe you,” said Peterson. 

She said this shows her there’s more to fight for when it comes to the “me too” movement, and this crowd motivates her. 

“It’s just really encouraging to see your fellow students and just knowing they want to fight this fight with us.”

OSU law students said they understand the confirmation already happened. They said their focus will be using their law degree to make a change.