COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — For more than a decade a silver Dodge Charger spotting on an Ohio highway has caused a sea of red brake lights. But now, those have been discontinued by Dodge and the Ohio State Highway Patrol is beginning its Durango era.

“We have 250 ordered at this time, so you’ll see those being pushed out onto the roadway as we retire and replace old cars,” Sgt. Tyler Ross with the OSHP public affairs division said.

While they may look vastly different– the Charger a sports car, the Durango a more traditional family vehicle– the patrol says in cost, safety, and power the two are quite comparable, other than in the obvious increase in room.

“There’s a lot more space not only to transport people but also in the back to keep all of our equipment,” Ross said.

Also, the Durangos are also all-wheel drive as opposed to rear-wheel.

“Being in Ohio, it’s a lot more suitable being in an SUV if we have inclement weather,” Ross added.

“It’s a great car. A lot easier to get in and out of for our troopers. We have a 20-30 pound belt. Getting in and out of a Dodge Charger is pretty difficult.”

The patrol has a fleet of more than a thousand vehicles, so the replacement process will be gradual over the next few years as the OSHP’s Chargers max out on mileage and are retired for various other reasons.