COLUMBUS (WCMH) – The allegations surrounding Urban Meyer have hurt a lot of Ohio State fans, especially before the start of the season. 

Many of them said they understand the university’s decision to put him on paid leave, but want to wait to see what happens in the investigation before passing judgment on the coach. 

“Until they actually find out what happened, it’s only right,” said Kori Banks. “Now, it’s time for our leaders to step up, our captains and our assistant coaches, but I’m kind of scared of the decision making because Urban made those decisions.  I need to know if those coaches are going to be able to make the same hard choices.”

Ismail Rahman said something needs to change to make sure abuse doesn’t go unreported. 

“If he knows about it and he didn’t tell anybody about it then, you’ve got to be held accountable,” he said. 

Another fan said the blame shouldn’t all be placed on Meyer.

“You can’t really put yourself in somebody else’s situation until you know all the details and so we can’t rush to judgment,” said Adam Crowin. “Everybody is innocent until proven guilty.”

But, everyone agrees the OSU community as a whole has to keep going. 

“If you look back we’re looking at Tressel, Cooper and just all types of accusations that have happened… We will be ok, regardless,” said David Swoope.