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Ohio soybean farmers feeling impact of tariffs

DELAWARE COUNTY, OH (WCMH) - The United States and China soybean trade war is felt here in Ohio. Local farmers say they're losing money.  

Bret Davis, with The American Soybean Association Board has been planting soybeans for 5 generations.

"One-third of the rows that we grow here in the United States end up in China. That's how important the Chinese market is to us. Since the tariffs were announced, not put into place but announced, we lost two dollars a bushel. We lost 20 percent of our price for our crop. You take 20% off the loss of 40% in the last five years. It's detrimental to farmers," said Davis.

With that massive loss, it's not hard to figure out how farmers will recoup.

"Anything that Americans buy from China will have a tariff now, so it will cost all of us as Americans a lot more money that we buy in the stores too. It's a double whammy on Americans," said Davis.

Davis' solution to avoiding this is selling more soybeans, to keep trade at a lower price for everyone.

"Sell more into China instead of working on a tariff system because in tariffs, nobody wins," said Davis.

Davis is headed to D.C. next week to talk with lawmakers about a solution to this problem.


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