BLUE CREEK, Ohio (WCMH) — Authorities in southern Ohio arrested a 36-year-old man who is accused of beating a woman and using weapons on her.

On Tuesday, a 44-year-old woman came to the Scioto County Sheriff’s Office and said she was beaten by a man over several hours. She told authorities the man used a taser on her multiple times, punched and kicked her, choked her twice and cut her with a knife.

The victim was taken to the Southern Ohio Medical Center where doctors diagnosed that she was bruised, had a black eye, lacerations, a broken hand, and a dislocated shoulder from the alleged assault.

Deputies with the sheriff’s office then went to the incident location in Blue Creek, Ohio, and arrested 36-year-old Matthew Sheppard. He has been charged with felonious assault and kidnapping and had a bond of $120,000 set in Portsmouth Municipal Court on Wednesday.

The sheriff’s office asked anyone with more information on the case to call 740-351-1091.