COLUMBUS, OH (WCMH)- After two recent mass shootings in Colorado and Georgia, the issue of gun reform has once again taken center stage in America. However, Ohio lawmakers are introducing bills to loosen restrictions on gun owners instead of the reform some are calling for.

President Joe Biden said on Tuesday that he was ready to move on “common sense” gun reform. Democratic lawmakers like Senator Cecil Thomas are calling for similar policies to be looked into at the state level.

“We’re continuing to see legislation since the Dayton shooting that has been putting more guns into the hands of citizens,” said Senator Cecil Thomas, (D) Avondale

Republican lawmakers have a different agenda. In less than two weeks the controversial so called “Stand Your Ground” legislation will go into effect.

“That’s dangerous and all these other laws we’re passing, it’s taking us backwards,” said Senator Thomas.

This year lawmakers are introducing other gun measures like House Bill 227. The bill would allow many Ohioans to carry a concealed weapon without a license.

“That piece of legislation finally gives gun owners across Ohio the right the constitution already says they got,” said Rob Sexton, Buckeye Firearms Association.

Senator Thomas says Ohio is going in the wrong direction and these policies will force young people out of our state. Buckeye Firearms Association believes this is the way Ohio should be going and hopes that if Washington acts on gun reform, the Ohio legislature fights back.

“We’ve certainly been happy that Ohio hasn’t succumbed to political pressure to enact restrictions on gun owners that have no connection whatsoever with the tragedies that have occurred,” said Sexton.